Your pet will benefit from the DogsWheelchairs Rear Support Dog Wheelchair if they need a little extra help getting around. Featuring lightweight aluminum non-rust alloy wheels and adjustable neoprene shoulder harnesses, this lightweight aluminum non-rust alloy folding chair has padded shoulder support, a double-thronged adjustable shoulder harness, and an adjustable double rear padded harness. This chair is suitable for male and female dogs who will have no problem relieving themselves comfortably.

It is handmade that the wheelchair for disabled dogs is custom-made for them. We have designed our wheelchair to be strong and long lasting, thanks to its steel structure and its resistant wheels (spare parts are available from any surgical aids shop). A better fit can also be achieved with its height and length adjustable features.

To prevent feelings of discomfort and chafing, it is equipped with an ergonomic harness that can easily be removed and washed.

By using this chair, the dog is able to relieve himself without having to leave the chair.

In this way, the dog can freely move his back legs, avoiding the possibility of muscles atrophying while paralyzed for a long period of time.

It is now possible for the disabled dog to walk autonomously again and the quality of his life has greatly improved.

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