It can be challenging to house train a new pet. It is common for pet parents to have to clean up accidents, find chewed-up possessions strewn about, and endure long periods of barking in the early months. The first few weeks may be rough, but once trained, your pet will give you a lifetime of love and joy. With our pet training and behavior aids, DogsWheelchairs makes training your pet easier. Our training aids include pet calming aids, pet training leashes, pet bark collars, pet sport training, and pet potty training aids. Getting your pet to stay calm in stressful situations isn’t easy. When introduced to new environments, pets are prone to stress and anxiety. Your pet can cope with changes in her environment with the help of calming aids. The best pet training methods include a pet treat or two. DogsWheelchairs carries several pet treats formulated to help with canine anxiety. DogsWheelchairs pet training leashes make it even easier to train your playful pet.Leashes and collars make obedience training easier for pets.We carry several different brands of training leashes, collars, and muzzles at DogsWheelchairs, including Four Paws, PetSafe, and Baskerville.To get the best results from your pet training, choose a leash that fits your pet well.You can train your pet to avoid bad behavior, such as excessive barking, jumping up, stealing food, and chasing, by using a training aid combined with pet treats as a reward.The Company of Animals Pet Corrector pet training aid emits a harmless hissing sound to distract your pet.Using potty training aids from DogsWheelchairs makes potty training pets easier.To prevent your pet from eating her waste, repellent sprays to prevent re-urination in the same spots, and pet doorbells to signal when they need to go are some potty training aids.To assist with pet crate training, DogsWheelchairs carries pet crates in a variety of sizes and shapes.Choosing the right tools is the first step to successful pet training.

To stay safe and happy, your pet needs help learning everything they need to know.Crate training teaches them how to stay calm and feel safe in their crates, potty training teaches them when and where to use the bathroom, and harness/leash training teaches them how to walk safely on a leash.You can teach your pet a lot of important lessons using pet training equipment.DogsWheelchairs offers the best selection of pet training equipment.

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