Throwing a ball is a great way to exercise your dog and has the added benefit of helping train your dog’s Come-When-Called and Drop-It cues. Therefore, you can find a wide selection of throw and fetch balls and toys for your dog on DogsWheelchairs. Fetch is a great game for both indoors and outdoors, whenever your dogs needs to burn some extra energy or just for the fun of it.

The DogsWheelchairs dog toy fits into a standard dog ball thrower so you can still play your dog’s favourite games and is great exercise and training for you and your dog. It can be used as a dog treat toy and the hole in the middle can be stuffed with small dog treats to dispense erratically when your dog plays with it.

Made from natural latex rubber from a renewable resource the DogsWheelchairs are a chew resistant, tough dog toy for your playtime, its textured, not quite round, shape moves unpredictably when it is thrown and bouncing around. Easy to clean and air dry when it is time to rest.

DogsWheelchairs toys are designed to be interactive – it is just more fun that way. While DogsWheelchairs toys suit a range of play styles, dogs can be crafty and determined chewers, so supervised play is recommended. If any part of the toy becomes loose or detached, take the toy away and discard.

Keep your furry family member happy and occupied. The Dog Throw is a lot of fun even for the smallest of pups. The rubber ball is strong and tough and the rope provides a bit of extra fun to throw and play with your furry family member. Long-lasting products will keep your pet active, engaged, and help improve their dental health.


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