Snuffle mats for dogs

For your dog, 15 minutes of mental stimulation can burn as much energy as an hour of walking, according to the Pet Parenting Blog.

“A snuffle mat can be considered a puzzle dog bowl that hides dry food, making it more challenging for your dogs to eat, while encouraging them to practice their innate foraging skills.” The snuffle mat serves as a slow feeder or enrichment toy, in which dogs manipulate the mat’s pieces to gain access to their food. You can use snuffle mats to help make your dog eat more slowly and to prevent the dangers of your dog eating too fast.”

In addition to being a great enrichment tool for your dog, snuffle mats are also practical. You can provide your dog with endless hours of entertainment while they snuffle for their food on these treat-seeking mats.

With Snuffle Feeding Mat, your pup can experience what it’s like to eat in the wild. We created a feeding mat that mimics the hunt in order to activate foraging instincts. Non-toxic and durable materials stimulate your dog’s senses and make meals more fun for him. Center lick mat is designed with suction cups to prevent slipping and can be machine washed. All breeds are suitable for this product.

Many dog trainers and vets recommend ditching the bowl for your dog, based on the scientific principle of contra-freeloading, which states an animal who has to find their own food leads a more enriching life. You can help them ditch the bowl by using DogsWheelchairs Snuffle mats.

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