Toys for dogs that ball

Having fun with your dog has never been so much fun!

A game of fetch is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. In addition to being very good at retrieving objects, dogs have an inbuilt instinct to chase them and retrieve them. Keeping your pup entertained is easy with our selection of play balls. There are tennis balls that are puncture-proof, high-bounce rubber balls, and gum massaging space balls that will delight your dog no matter what their bounce preference is!

The dog ball toys we offer here at DogsWheelchairs are bound to please everyone, with some featuring soft surfaces or squeakers inside, providing additional attractions to keep your dog entertained for hours on end. Other options include tough options for dogs that destroy their toys, as well as novelty options such as American footballs and balls with handles that are easier to throw and pick up.

We also offer dog ball toys with ropes attached, which are perfect for fetch and tug of war, and snack balls that can be filled with treats or food to make them even more appealing to your dog. As part of our ball toys range, we also offer oddly shaped balls that bounce around unpredictably, so your dog will never know what’s going to happen next!

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