The pet post-operative suit is made of cotton, which is soft, breathable, elastic, comfortable, and will not restrict the movement of the dog. It is also washable and can be dried quickly. Several sizes of the pet recovery suit are available to fit small, medium, and large breed cats and dogs. [Prevent Licking & Scratching]: The dog recovery suit wraps around the dog’s body, preventing pets from licking or scratching wounds, as well as keeping other pets from harassing during the recovery process. By making the recovery process more relaxed and enjoyable, the dog is able to recover better after surgery, reduce anxiety and stress, and make it more enjoyable for him. [Effectively Help Pet Recovery]: This recovery suit for male and female dogs is designed to protect wounds, spots, incisions, allergies, and skin herpes, and provide convenience while your dog is neutered or spayed, as compared to the E-collar and cone, the soft surgical suit allows pets to lie down comfortably without hindrance, allowing dogs to eat, drink, and participate in daily activities without being restricted. Our dog recovery clothes can not only be used for recovery after surgery, warmth after shaving, and anxiety after weaning, but they are also suitable for everyday home wear or pajamas. In addition to effectively preventing excess hair from falling on furniture, this lightweight and comfortable dog vest should provide the best experience for both you and your dog.

A Dogswheelchairs Recovery Suit is a professional alternative to a cone and a full body bandage. This product is suitable for first aid, wound and bandage protection, skin conditions, when in season or incontinence, and a lot more… The design is based on the animal’s shape and anatomy with a snug fit. A breathable stretchy Cotton/Lycra fabric allows for complete freedom of movement without compromising strength or durability. The rear closure makes fitting effortless.

There is a difference in size and shape between the Suit for Cats and the Suit for Dogs. Due to the specially designed space under the tail, most cats can keep it fastened while using a litter box.


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