Dogs Lift Harness

A dog lifting harness is perfect for pets who are recovering from surgery as well as older dogs who can still move around, but find it difficult to climb stairs or enter vehicles. When you lift your dog, you won’t put painful pressure on their joints by using the support sling or convenient carrying handles.

For dogs who have trouble moving their knees, hips, backs, legs, or abdomens, a dog lift harness can be a great solution. A front- and rear-support harness spreads the weight so you can lift your dog more easily. A padded chest section ensures comfort, while top and bottom straps enable you to customize the fit to your pet’s needs. As an alternative or in addition to dog steps and car ramps, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Before using your harness, we strongly recommend consulting the product specifications or your veterinarian. The Dogswheelchairs website also offers many other items related to dog health and wellness. To meet your pet’s needs, browse our selection of dog calming aids, recovery cones, and supplements.

It may be necessary to lend a hand to dogs with physical ailments, such as knee, hip, or back injuries, in getting around. The same applies to aging dogs with ailments such as arthritis and degenerative diseases. In addition to being able to get around the house, go to the toilet outdoors, and climb the stairs, these dogs will require assistance. As a result, a dog support harness or dog ramp would be able to provide great benefits to them. A dog’s owner can easily and quickly provide everyday assistance to their pets with one of these dog harnesses. Support harnesses for dogs fit around their belly near the hips, and they have handles that help you stabilize and lift them.

Dogswheelchairs offers a variety of dog support harnesses to provide your four-legged friend with the extra support that he may require. These products are designed for specific purposes and come in a variety of sizes. Assist with front or rear leg injuries, give an injured pup a quick boost, or help stabilize your dog while transporting him. In animal clinics, for instance, the GingerLead Support and Rehabilitation tall breed male dog lifting harness is recommended by veterinarians for helping tall, lean dogs with weak hind legs such as Greyhounds.

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