Using a quality pet comb regularly will benefit both you and your pet. Secondly, brushing your pet at least once a week will remove loose and excess fur from your floors, furniture, clothing, etc. It saves time and money on the tape-roller-on-a-handle contraptions. What a benefit! There’s more to it than that. Your pet’s coat will become healthier and more vibrant when you regularly brush her fur. Moreover, brushing your pet will prevent uncomfortable, unsightly mats that, if left unattended, will eventually require cutting. You can avoid a big, unsightly headache tomorrow by brushing out your pet today. With all the benefits associated with regular brushing, what are the best pet grooming supplies?

Always brush your pet’s fur in the direction in which it grows.Be gentle – your pet’s skin is more fragile than you might think.The act of brushing your pet’s fur should be a pleasant bonding experience for you both.Initially, give only a few gentle strokes per session if your pet is afraid of the brush.Add time to the sessions as your four-legged friend becomes more comfortable with the routine.

Healthy pets have a nice, shiny coat. DogsWheelchairs has designed a wide array of brushes and combs that will help you give your pet that shining coat of lush hair he deserves. This page features rake combs, regular combs, flea combs, gloves for brushing out old hair, and many other fine grooming tools. You’ll find one that suits your needs! Comb your new pet with a brush at an early age, make it a bonding experience! Your pet’s furry mane is sure to find something perfect. Find pet brushes & combs at DogsWheelchairs!

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