Harnesses for pets

There is a harness to fit every pet at our store. We offer Neoprene harnesses that don’t escape and don’t pull, as well as heavy duty harnesses with reflective trim and no pull front clips. To ensure your pet’s safety, we add extra adjusters to every harness.

Leashes are distributed away from your pet’s neck and onto their shoulders, chest, and back with a pet harness, making it easier for both of you to control. Walking harnesses are ideal for training better walking behavior in pets of all ages and can be helpful for more adventurous activities such as hiking and running.

Is your pet in need of a harness? The perfect pet harness for your Chihuahua or Great Dane can be found at DogsWheelchairs. Pet harnesses ensure your pet’s safety during playtime and walks. Leashes are too restrictive for pets, so many pet parents choose harnesses instead. Your pet’s breed and the activity you’ll be engaging in will determine whether you choose a leash, lead, or harness.

They often enjoy teasing you along, especially if they are large or muscular. When walking or running your pet, a large pet harness can give you more control than a collar. A harness is also better for energetic pets who don’t use a leash training collar. Injuries can occur in smaller pet breeds. By wearing a harness, you can disperse pressure from one area of the neck to other areas of the body and back. Pet injuries can be prevented by spreading the stress over a larger area.

Pet harnesses come in a variety of styles. We offer front clip harnesses for pets who pull and lifting harnesses for pets who need a little extra support.

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