The collars, leashes, and harnesses of pets can wear out quickly. Furthermore, many of these accessories are made from nylon or plastic that contains harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes that are harmful to your pet and the environment. Our search for natural pet collars and leashes focused on upcycled and plastic-free materials that are ecologically friendly and durable for all your pet’s adventures.

Using the right pet collars and leashes will ensure your pet gets the exercise it needs and can enjoy the outdoors. With chew-resistant fabrics such as 100% polyester, DogsWheelchairs’ pet accessories are made to last. Pets with sensitive skin may also benefit from extra padding in some styles.

Choose from a variety of harnesses that offer storage for treats, toys, and pet bags. Put your unique aesthetic first with options that coordinate with your style. You can customize your pet’s leash length thanks to a retractable leash that lets you keep full control. As well as having a quick braking mechanism and reflective materials for nighttime use, they also come with safety control options.

Pets don’t have to be the only ones to enjoy the outdoors. Get your feline some leashes and harnesses so he/she can roam around as well. Small, medium, and large pets can all be accommodated with designs made for a secure fit. Make sure you get the perfect matching set with monochromatic bundles made to last for all of your hikes, runs, and trips to the pet park.

Your pet will love wearing these new, comfortable, and functional accessories on the daily walks! Invest in a collection that’s built for comfort and long-term wear. Optimize their safety with reflective pieces that will make them visible at night.


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