Here are the best pet-friendly cars on the market

Find out what kind of car would be best for you and your pup

Dogs are man’s best friend, so as a dog owner, you’ll always care about their welfare.We can help you find the perfect car for adventures with your four-legged companions.

Learn about the best dog friendly cars to buy and how to travel safely with a dog in your car

How do you make a car dog-friendly?

You need to know what you’re looking for when choosing a car for your dog – by that we mean what features make it ‘dog-friendly’.

Depending on the breed of your dog, size can be a major factor, while more nervous dogs may benefit from steadier and quieter vehicles. When choosing a dog-friendly vehicle, make sure you take the following factors into account:

Boots with ample space

There is no doubt that a spacious boot will be at the top of your list.A decent sized boot is especially important if you have a large dog or one that needs to be crated.You should always check the boot’s capacity before you test-drive a car, and why not bring your dog along so you can see for yourself how it fits.

Easily accessible

It doesn’t mean a car’s boot is easy for a dog to jump into just because it has a big boot.In order to make sure that your dog can fit in the back seats, it is best to check the height of the boot and the back doors.

The storage space is ample

Many dog-related items can be transported in the car, from balls to poo-bags, water bowls to spare leads.Ensure that your vehicle comes with a storage compartment so that you can put things away neatly.

Places where tie-downs can be made

There are some cars equipped with tie-down points so your dog can be safely restrained in place if it is crated during travel.

The surface can be cleaned easily

It is important to ensure that the car you are considering buying is made of durable materials inside, especially the seats.Dog owners are familiar with muddy paw prints and shed hair on a daily basis!

Drive with ease

When travelling with a dog, choose a car that is smooth and can really absorb road bumps if your canine companion is nervous or prone to travel sickness.

Keeping the climate in check

It’s not just humans who enjoy air-conditioning on a hot summer’s day or to feel toasty on a particularly cold day – our dogs also like it warm or cool.A climate control system throughout the vehicle is one such feature that your dog will appreciate.

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