Feeders for pets that automatically feed

Whether you are looking for a fully digital feeder or a simple self-replenisher, DogsWheelchairs can help you find the right automatic feeder for your lifestyle.

If you expect your pet to consume a lot of food, the choice of automatic feeder will be largely based on that expectation. If pets eat the food in a replenishing feeder, new food drops from a container as soon as they have finished eating it. That way, pets can eat whenever they feel hungry, even while you are sleeping or away. For pet parents who are away during the day but want to let their pets nibble during that time, this is the perfect solution.

It can also be helpful to have an automatic feeder if you have more than one pet. Self-refilling feeders reduce your mealtime stress by preventing you from having to fill everyone’s bowls at the same time.

The practice of free feeding pets can be tricky and isn’t always the healthiest for them. If you have multiple pets and one or more of them are on a special diet, then you should consider investing in a microchip feeder. If you have a microchip or special collar on your pet, the feeder can be keyed to them and will only open for them. Pets on prescription diets will only be allowed to eat their own food, and others won’t be able to steal it.

Electronic feeders distribute a specific amount of food over a certain number of days for those who are prone to overeating. When you’re on vacation, these feeders are a great way to keep your dog or cat healthy. After day two, you won’t have to worry about them eating all the food you left them. A new portion of food is added to an electronic feeder every day by rotating sections. Multiple times a day, other food dispensers can be programmed to release new food.

At DogsWheelchairs, you can find dog food and some treats for your pets once you know what their main meals will be.

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