Designed to provide relief and protection from the loud noise and high-pressure air associated with force drying and/or vacuuming, the Dogswheelchairs Hoodie is a soft, expandable, lightweight, safe, comfortable band that covers a pet’s ears. When your dog is force dried, the Dogswheelchairs Hoodie keeps them calm! Perfect for protecting and calming pets during force drying. Unlike cotton balls, pets cannot shake the Hoodie off and rarely try to remove it

Often, pets are scared or upset by the loud noise and high pressure air associated with force drying an animal. The Happy Hoodie muffles the painfully loud noise and blocks the high-pressured air.

It has an almost immediate calming effect, which greatly improves behavior! The drying process goes much faster and easier with a calmer pet.

Unlike cotton balls that they shake out of their ears, pets don’t try to remove the Happy Hoodie when they wear it. In only a few seconds, it can make a HUGE difference!

Dogswheelchairs Hoodies are excellent for pets at home, too! Noise sensitivity differs between pets. The sound of the vacuum or thunder, fireworks, and gunfire scares many of our pets. Dogswheelchairs Hoodies can help calm your pet in these situations and many others.

We often have pets with long ears that are constantly stuck in their food and water bowls, which is uncomfortable for them as well as for their owners. This hoodie from Dogswheelchairs will keep your dog’s ears clean and safe! Many pets suffer from chronic ear infections or itchy, damp ear canals. Dogswheelchairs Hoodies keep the ears up, allowing aeration of the ear canals.

Even disagreeable pets’ nails have been trimmed with Dogswheelchairs Hoodie’s calming effects. Dogswheelchairs Hoodie never ceases to amaze us with how creative people can be!

It can be tough to deal with cold weather. In the cold, even dogs with fur and other evolutionary traits may feel uncomfortable.

Dogswheelchairs Pet Products can help you with pet hoodies – little jackets specially made for your companion animal. The pet-friendly apparel is made with a blend of polyester and cotton. For extra comfort and durability, the interior is super soft and double stitched. Their ears don’t get irritated by the hoods. There are even sleeves to keep the whole body warm.

Additionally, we offer many different designs for our pet hoodies. Rhinestones give some a sparkling and even classy aesthetic. Some of them feature graphics and text that are special and fun. If your pet’s hoodies are the right size, they can enjoy cold days just as comfortably as people. Get your pet a hoodie today from our selection.


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