Do you worry that your dog might catch a cold after a bath or shower if their coat is not dried properly?

Your pooch or cat just came in from a bath. You can now wrap them in a lush towel until they are completely dry.

The Soft Pet Bathrobe is super absorbent and quick drying. The towel can be used to dry the fur on your pet, or it can be worn as a bathrobe or coat to keep your pet warm.

This 400G microfiber is of upgraded quality and absorbs water quickly. After bathing, swimming, or walking your furry friend on a wet day, this helps save time drying them.

Velcro Design The Velcro design makes putting on and taking off the cap convenient. This product is designed with Velcro straps on the neck and chest for easy adjustment and a secure fit.

A dog bathrobe with edge binding protects your dog’s skin, making it less wearable and more durable. Keeping your pet warm and cozy is a great way to keep him or her safe in the cold weather.

Your pet will feel more comfortable and will not be afraid to get wet after bathing in this quick-drying dog bathrobe. Make sure your pet doesn’t catch a cold or smell after walking in the rain.

The fabric is easy to care for and can be machine washed, tumble dried, or sun dried. This product is suitable for cats and dogs of different breeds and sizes.

These features include:

Multipurpose pet coverall, can be used for bathing, sleeping, drying, or as a warm jacket.

It can be adjusted to fit the circumference of your pet’s neck, and can be turned up or down as needed.

The fabric can be hand washed and machine washed, and tumble dried, so it is easy to clean.

For traveling or at home, you can store it in your car. As a result, it will protect your sofa, carpet, car, bed, floor, and chairs from damage.

You can take your pet for a walk on a rainy day without taking time to bathe, shower, or clean them.

Easy-to-use adjustable velcro fasteners make putting it on and taking it off a breeze.


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